High Plains Paso Fino Horse Association

About Us


The High Plains Paso Fino Horse Association was organized in the summer of 1998 with 66 members and 210 horses. High Plains was approved by the PFHA Board of Directors at the October 1998 PFHA Board of Directors meeting. That was a momentous occasion, because this was one of the few regions to be approved in the recent past. The purpose of the formation of this new region was to have a smaller geographical territory with a higher concentration of members so we could be more involved together in the name of our Paso Fino Horses. What has actually happened is that our membership geographic area has grown over the years and the miracle age of technology has helped us stay in touch. Our first official meeting was held on November 21, 1998 and our current membership is located in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Nebraska.

Our volunteers within the region is what makes us great and keeps us going. It is their volunteerism that helps us spread the word about the Paso Fino through sponsored events. We also understand that communication is key to keeping our entire membership informed. For that reason we have a newsletter published at specific times during the year, frequent communications and updates about PFHA activities by our delegate and a website www.highplainspfha.org accessible to members of High Plains. Our site is linked to PFHA so we have coverage of our events throughout the national association as well as the general public. Our annual events calendar includes farm clinics, open houses, fun shows, trail rides, trail horse test clinics, parades and youth activities.

Our region is blessed with some of the founders of Paso Fino horses in the United States and founders of the breed registry and organization. Our region is also blessed with some of the breed's foundation stock, as well as many National Show High Point achievers. We are proud of our farms, our members and our horses. We wish everyone good luck and good riding.


President- Peggy Tanner

Vice President-

Treasurer- Retta Mays

Secretary-Lenora Schuldt

Director-Vivian Ashcraft